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Science Committee

Honorary Committee

Sofianopoulou, Stiliani. Professor, University of Piraeus, Chairman of the Library Committee
Georgitsoyianni, Evangelia. Associate Professor, Vice Rector of Academic Affairs and Personnel, Harokopio University of Athens
Elias Eliopoulos. Professor, Αgriculture University of Greece


1.Vazirgiannis Michalis, Informatics Professor of A.U.E.B. and Head of the Library
2. Vlachaki Assimina, Health Sciences Library, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
3. Garoufallou, Manolis, Lecturer T.E.I. of Thessaloniki
4. Gerolimos Michalis, Research Associate T.E.I. of Thessaloniki
5.Giannakopoulos Georgios, Professor, T.E.I. of Athens
6. Zachos Georgios, Library Director of University of Ioannina
7. Theodorou Roxana, Research Associate, Ionian University
8. Kakali Constantia, Library Director, Panteion University of Athens
9. Kakouri-Moreleli Mersini, Assistant Professor, T.E.I. of Thessaloniki
10. Kapidakis Sarantos, Professor, Ionian University
11. Katsirikou Anthi, Head Librarian, University of Piraeus
12. Clapsopoulos Ioannis,Library Director, University of Thessaly
13. Korompili Stella, Professor, T.E.I. of Thessaloniki
14. Kouis Dimitris, Computers and Informatics Engineer, Research Associate T.E.I. of Athens
15. Koukourakis Manolis, Library Director, University of Crete
16. Koulouris Alexandros, Lecturer, T.E.I. of Athens
17. Kostagiolas Petros, Lecturer, Ionian University
18. Malliari Afroditi, Assistant Professor, T.E.I. of Thessaloniki
19. Manessi Daphne, Professor, T.E.I. of Athens
20. Moniarou Valentini, Professor, T.E.I. of Athens
21. Monopoli Maria, Assistant Professor, T.E.I. of Athens
22. Nikolaidou Maria, Associate Professor, Harokopio University of Athens
23. Papavlassopoulos Sozon, Assistant Professor, Ionian University
24. Papatheodorou Christos, Associate Professor, Ionian University
25. Poulos Marios Assistant Professor, Ionian University
26. Toraki Katerina, Technical Chamber of Greece